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All things Drone and UAV.

Welcome to the Drone Chat episodes,  a monthly podcast dedicated to Informing, Educating an, d sometimes amusing our listeners about all things UAV and drone related. Here you can find all the Drone Chat podcast episodes. Find out more about the guests,  or listen directly  to a podcast episode.

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Drones in Policing
Episode :- 9 Drones in Policing In this episode, we  are chatting Drones in policing. Listen to Acting Sergeant Robert
Dr Karen Joyce - She Maps
Episode :- 8 Dr Karen Joyce She Maps In this episode, we chat to Dr Karen Joyce, from She Maps
FPV Australia
Episode :- 7 John Fleming In this episode, we chat to the owner of FPV Australia, John Fleming John has
The Drone Trainer
Episode :- 6 The Drone Trailer In this episode, we talk with Chris Anderson, founder of the Canadian based, The
Bne Drone Flyers
Episode :- 5 Phil Dunbabin In this episode, we talk with Phil Dunbabin, founder of Brisbane Drone Flyers Facebook Group.
Jerry Grayson Rescue Pilot
Episode :- 4 Jerry Grayson This episode features Jerry Grayson who was just 17 years old when he joined the
Episode :- 3 ACUO on CASA Registration Easter Offer now openBrad Mason from the ACUO, talks about the associations response
Drone Chat Podcast artwork
Episode :- 2 Drone Chat takes Off. In this episode, we talk with Meg Kumurrow, from Fly the Farm, about
Drone Chat podcast host
Episode :- 1 The Trailer  Welcome to the new Drone Chat Podcast, we are a new  monthly podcast, with a