FPV Australia

Episode 7 – FPV Australia

Episode :- 7 John Fleming In this episode, we chat to the owner of FPV Australia, John Fleming John has been in the UAV Industry since 2006, and has been operating as a certified training school since 2014. He has a background in teaching and training, flys a manned sports aircraft, and is passionate about

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The Drone Trainer

Episode 6 – The Drone Trainer

Episode :- 6 The Drone Trailer In this episode, we talk with Chris Anderson, founder of the Canadian based, The Drone Trainer. Chris has a training business, but also a successful podcast, where he interviews drone pilots from around the world on a weekly basis. Fnding out how they’re marketing their businesses, what kind of

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Bne Drone Flyers

Episode 5 – Phil Dunbabin

Episode :- 5 Phil Dunbabin In this episode, we talk with Phil Dunbabin, founder of Brisbane Drone Flyers Facebook Group. About Facebook, his drone experience, his fundraising through drone events and why he now runs FB groups right around Australia, helping professional and hobbyists alike. See the socials and websites Brisbane Drone Flyers Facebook Sydney

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Jerry Grayson Rescue Pilot

Episode 4 – Jerry Grayson

Episode :- 4 Jerry Grayson This episode features Jerry Grayson who was just 17 years old when he joined the Fleet Air Arm, becoming the youngest helicopter pilot to ever serve in the Royal Navy. By the age of 25 he was the most decorated peacetime naval pilot in history. Since leaving the Royal Navy,

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